The former National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament for the Karaga constituency in the northern region and the 2024 Parliamentary Candidate of the party, Mr. Alhassan Sualihu Dandawa has heightened tension in the Dagbon traditional area with some disparaging comments impugning the authority of the King of Dagbon, Yaa Naa Abukari II.

The former lawmaker has said the next John Dramani Mahama led NDC government will enskin the former regent of Karaga, Sumani Mahama, also known as Alizini as the paramount chief of the area though the Yaa Naa has already enskinned Naa Abdulai Natogmah as the traditional leader of the town.

“…Chief, don’t be bothered, God has chosen you and whoever says otherwise will have to contend with him [God]. Leave everything and look up to God. The NDC government, we follow the truth and the truth shall always prevail. John Mahama – when Ghanaians rejected him, he said posterity will vindicate him. Today, let’s also asked ourselves, they said they were removing Kari’ Naa Mahamadu but what happened?

“So anything that is ordained and you want to challenge it, you will only struggle with yourself. God has chosen Naa Sumani not that he has chosen himself. Our prayer is that, Chief, God grant you long life and good health and when we vote in 2024 and we emerge victorious in the parliamentary and presidential elections; you will retrieve whatever that is stolen from you” he emphasized.

The NDC MP hopeful made these remarks during a courtesy call he paid to the residence of the disgruntled former regent.

Meanwhile, The Judicial Committee of the Northern Regional House of chiefs in January 2023 unanimously declared the enskinment of Mahama Sumani as the chief of Karaga null and void.

The Committee stated that Sumani’s enskinment goes contrary to the norms and cultural practices of the people of Dagbon.

The Committee further gave the former Regent a 48-hour ultimatum to vacate the Karaga palace to make way for the legitimate chief enskinned by Yaa Na Abukari II.

Nonetheless, the former Regent declined to vacate the palace and continuous to carry himself as the Chief of Karaga despite the verdict of the Regional House of Chiefs.


Two years ago, the overlord of Dagbon, Ya Na Abukari II, enskinned Naa Nantomag Abdulai as Kari Na, however, his enskinment was opposed by some groups in the Karaga traditional area who were not pleased with the overlord’s decision.

Meanwhile, the Dagbon Forum in a statement has condemned the former legislator, stating his statements are affront to both the authority of the Yaa Naa and the time tested customs and traditions of Dagbon.

President of the group, Sakoya Naa Mahama Iddrisu Sintaro has called on the former NDC MP to render an unqualified apology to the Yaa Naa and the entire Dagbon kingdom.

He further urged the opposition NDC to as a matter of urgency disassociate themselves of the irresponsible statements of the 2024 parliamentary candidate.