Some Akosombo dam spillage victims

The Volta Region House of Chiefs has launched a disaster relief fund to support victims of the Akosombo dam spillage in the Region.

The regional body of traditional rulers has responded with a structured support initiative, called Volta Region House of Chiefs Disaster Relief Fund.

The fund was launched in Ho, Friday, seeded with an amount of GH¢50,000 taken “directly” from its welfare fund.

“We are launching a disaster relief fund for our displaced brothers and sisters in areas inundated by dam spillage.

“The spillage has brought so much suffering to our people, and it is in the light of our role as leaders in our communities that we are gathered here to map out a strategy for our brothers to see how best we can at least reduce the suffering that they are going through,” Togbe Tepre Hodo IV, President of the House, said.

He appealed to all to support considering the enormity of the problem and noted the loss of livelihoods and investments in the downstream economy, calling on stakeholders including the operators of the dam, Volta River Authority (VRA), to work towards a lasting solution.

Togbe Tepre Hodo commended ongoing support from corporate society, State institutions and religious bodies, praising also the First Sky Group for both cash and kind donations while helping construct several thousand housing units for the estimated 20,000 displaced in the Region.

He rallied other individuals especially from the Region in the diaspora who wished to support the relocation effort, saying, “we are at the brunt of all that is happening”.

The President of the House called attention to the possible outbreak of diseases in flooded settlements and said health stakeholders should consider an increase in volunteers to help safeguard human life.

The region house of chiefs is collaborating with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation’s Volta Star Radio in Ho, and private broadcaster Radio Gold in Accra to promote and populate the relief fund, with more organisations expected to sign up.

The House gave the assurance that the support initiative was being structured and decentralised to benefit all, and that a dashboard would be established for more effective distribution of the resources.

A “Volta Region House of Chiefs Disaster Relief Fund” with account number 5011180003678, GCB Ho Main Branch, is available for monetary contributions and a Momo number would be made available soon.

Traditional rulers from areas affected raised concerns over what they claimed was an over-concentration of ongoing relief support in certain areas, and that attention should be given to all affected.

“We are losing our communities, and the loud silence is deafening,” Togbe Patamia, Paramount of Battor who Vice President of the House, said, citing the lack of a long-term solution to the lower Volta flooding.

Osie Adza Terkpor of Avatime, and Chairman of the Social Affairs and Welfare Committee of the House, said it was concerned about the recovery of affected communities.

“It is important probably for the VRA to think about post disaster reconstruction, which is a key area,” he stated.