The Council of Regional Imams has encouraged the Vice President and flagbearer of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to continue with his unifying interactions with the Christian community in the country.

According to them, Dr. Bawumia’s constant engagements with the Christians are fostering inter-religious unity in the country and that the recent attacks on the Vice President by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for Ningo Prampram, Sam George, were totally unfounded.

The Imams encouraged Vice President Bawumia during a courtesy call at his residence over the weekend, to congratulate him for his election as flagbearer of the governing NPP.

NDC’s Sam George recently questioned the Islamic faith of Dr. Bawumia for his regular interaction with Christians, and described the Vice President as a “religious prostitute,” comments which have since been roundly condemned by all well-meaning Ghanaians.

Responding to the MP’s unwarranted attacks, spokesperson of the Imams, Sheikh Abdul-Mumin Haruna, said the Vice President has not done anything wrong in Islam by his regular interactions with the Christian community to build religious harmony in the country.

“Your tolerance and respect for religious diversity is commendable. You are doing the right thing by maintaining a very strong relationship with the Christian community as a leader to strengthen harmony. We are one people.

“The Prophet Muhammed himself had a very good relationship with non-Muslims and Islam does not forbid the building and strengthening of harmonious relationship between Muslims and Christians.

“When the Prophet went to Madina, he established a very good relationship with the Christians. There are also examples of Muslim leaders in the world, including in Muslim countries who have good relationship with their Christian colleagues,” the spokesperson for the Imams reiterated. 

Regional Chief Imams and others with Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia at his residence

While condemning the comments by Sam George, the Imams urged the Vice President to continue to be for all because “we are one people in Ghana.”

“The gentleman (Sam George) did not speak well at all because we are one people in this country.  By your position, you are a politician and a leader so you belong to everyone. Continue to be for all because we are one people in Ghana,” the Council of Imams added.

I’ll be president for all-Bawumia

Vice President Bawumia has reiterated that he will be a “President for all” regardless of one’s religious and political affiliations, if elected into office as President.

Addressing the Regional Imams, Dr. Bawumia said his vision is to build an inclusive country with equal opportunities for all Ghanaians.

“I am for all, and if I am elected President, In Shaa Allah, by the good people of Ghana, I will be a President for all, regardless of one’s ethnic, religious and political affiliations.

“I will be a President for all because poverty, hunger and disease don’t know whether you are a Muslim of a Christian, NPP or NDC, or whether you are this tribe or that tribe,” Vice President Bawumia emphasised.

Ghana, Dr. Bawumia noted, is a country with diversity, which is blessed with peace and harmony.

He said it is important for all, especially the two main religious groups in the country, Christians and Muslims, to continuously strengthen this harmonious relationship in order to preserve it.

“If we leave peacefully in Ghana despite our religious and political differences, it is because of such tolerance and respect for diversity.

“It is important for us all, especially between our two religious groups, to continue to respect this diversity engage more with each other. We have to strengthen this beautiful relationship in order to preserve it and the peace we enjoy in this country,”, he added.