In a candid revelation, former cruiserweight champion Braimah Isaac Kamoko, popularly known as Bukom Banku, has issued a strong warning against skin bleaching, citing potential health risks, including the risk of cancer.

The boxer made the disclosure during an interview on Accra FM where he discussed his personal experience with skin bleaching.

Banku, known for his charismatic personality both inside and outside the ring, admitted to previously bleaching his skin with the intention of enhancing his appearance. 

However, he declared that he had abandoned the practice, emphasizing that it was not a healthy choice.

The host, Akua Sonto, pointed out that Banku’s original complexion appeared to be restored, to which he responded that he received advice from influential figures to discontinue the practice.

The renowned boxer went on to stress the detrimental effects of skin bleaching, asserting that it can lead to various forms of cancer. 

Despite claiming not to have experienced any known side effects personally, Banku underscored the importance of heeding the advice of influential individuals, including a doctor from London who urged him to stop.

Banku, who is well-acquainted with the bleaching process, shared that it takes him just a month to achieve the desired effect. However, he clarified that he was using creams and not ingesting drugs, dispelling misconceptions about his skincare regimen.

He expressed his commitment to staying away from skin bleaching, stating that he is ready to advise others against it. 

Banku concluded the interview by reflecting on the potential consequences of succumbing to the desire to appear fairer than one’s natural complexion, expressing gratitude that he did not let it ruin his life.

The revelation comes as a notable stance from the boxer, who has been inactive in the ring for five years but continues to be a prominent figure in Ghanaian sports.