Theresa Lardi Awuni, the Member of Parliament for Okaikwei North, had a heated confrontation with a branch executive at a meeting of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in her constituency.

The young man had asked her about the usage of the MP’s Common Fund.

In response, the MP angrily stated that she used the money to buy khebab for his (the branch executive) mother and father.

A video of the incident has gone viral.

She said, “There is a young man who is a branch executive here. Yesterday on a WhatsApp platform, he questioned what I do with my common fund.”

“I use it to buy khebab for your mother and father to eat.”

“Is the Common Fund personal money that is given to me,” the Okaikwei North MP queried.

According to her, she does not even see the money from the Common Fund when it is disbursed.

“I only make recommendations for what it should be used for and the money is paid directly to the beneficiaries,” she said.