Electrochem Ghana Limited since its inception has   allocated portions of its concession to citizens of Ada to mine salt in a sustainable way to replace the menace of Atsiakpo (Salt galamsey) that led to the destruction of the Ada Songhor Lagoon.

Electrochem, a subsidiary of the McDan Group had been granted a 15-year lease to transform the Ada Songhor salt concession which hitherto had been left to deteriorate due to mismanagement by the various Interim Management Committees of successive government administrations.

The company is estimating to produce one million metric tons of salt next year and two million by 2025.

In honouring its words and creating opportunities for citizens in Ada, the company has earmarked some large portion of its concession to be allocated for local miners to mine salt and make enough money for their Livelihood by this intervention.

Electrochem Ghana Limited is also scaling up the construction of community pans for salt mining by artisanal miners in communities.

So far, over 70 community pans have been created for seven communities.

Nakomkope, Adjumanikope and Agbedrafor who started mining in their community pans last season, have their community pans currently filled again with mature brine (saltwater), which will crystalize into top quality salt for the community to mine.

Bonikope, Toflokpo Matsekope and Kposem have their community pans at various stages of completion.

The creation of pans for the community is a topmost priority for the company as a responsible entity.

Together, these pans from all the communities are expected to produce a total of 100,000 tons of salt in a year.

Indeed, the people are excited that the construction is coming at no cost to them, and they will not have to struggle to refill them with brine after harvest.

Interestingly, the restored Lagoon by Electrochem has created another job opportunity for the fisher folks with over 300 fishermen fishing on a daily basis for their Livelihood.

Electrochem Ghana has the wellbeing of the citizenry and the overall development of the Ada states at heart, and that is why they come first in everything they do.

About 3,000 Ghanaian youth have been employed directly and indirectly in the first phase since the beginning of Electrochem Ghana Limited’s Songor salt project.

Some other 4,000 would be engaged at the time the salt concession hits full operations in 2024.