Years ago I assessed the field and before anyone did, I boldly declared that of them all ,you were the best.

I promised to watch closely and said I would change my mind if you changed, or other facts came up.

I am glad to say, across the years you have proven that my trust was not misplaced. You have conducted a most dignified campaign whilst under fire.
You managed all manner of attacks on your person and even your wife, my own Samira, with the needed restraint and decorum.

Your biggest baggage has been the performance of the team you’re part of. Even those of us outside who helped bring this team into power have received our criticisms so you can’t escape that.

I have always told the critics that I have no regrets for fighting hard for the best team at the time to take over. If they failed, that was their failure, I would do it all over again and will push for the best team each time.

I’ve said many times that your refusal to condemn your own team was a positive mark of teamsmanship. You showed loyalty to the team. Regardless of what happened, you did not go out denigrating your own team even when they failed. You stood and took responsibility.

Of course I know how much has gone wrong, but I also know who to blame, what’s important is that you had your successes in the midst of the problems and you did not do the easy thing of jumping out and accusing others. You stood with the team, everyone would like a team player like you.

And we know the limitations you had in the team and why your best efforts did not materialize entirely. Take heart because some of the best programmes and successes of this team have your name on it. And those who know understand that some of the failures were not your doing. In any case, If you had denigrated your own team, I would have criticized you for that. It is not the mark of an honorable person to do that, so kudos for standing with the team even through hard times.

Now your time draws nigh, you have come across the period from when I stated my endorsement publicly and have proven me right. Thank you for not letting me down

Whether you win or not, I know you’re the best choice. Everything I checked makes you the best of the lot for the present contest

When you face the NDC it will also become clear that you are a better choice. Compared to the very fine gentleman, John Mahama.

I’m glad Ghana has 2 fine gentlemen to choose from but as I have said, comparing your relative track records against your roles and the opportunities you’ve had, and what you have to show for them, it is clear that you are the better choice.

Time has proven that my confidence in you is not misplaced. I am assured that the future will vindicate me when you win and reset this republic and provide the effective leadership we deserve as a nation.

Good luck my brother.