Chairman Odeneho Kwaku Appiah aka COKA

Former Chairman of the Afigya Kwabre South Constituency of the New Patriotic Party(NPP), Chairman Odeneho Kwaku Appiah popularly known as (COKA) has urged the party and its flagbearer Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to choose a strong and agreeable running mate from the Ashanti region to make a difference in the 2024 general election.

“The person must be a true Asante from the region who is resourceful and charismatic to counter all the NDC cum Alan Kyerematen-led butterfly movement’s political shenanigans in the region,” he stressed.

Making the suggestion on his Facebook page, COKA believes the Ashanti Region being the world Bank of NPP in terms of votes, the region must be critically assessed ahead of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

“Ashanti Region has been loyal to NPP over the years to the extent that it has become a target for the NDC. Indeed, the NDC has in the last couple of elections spent time and resources in the Ashanti region just to win the hearts of voters in the region. They have succeeded to some extent that anytime the NDC appreciate votes in the region (above 28%), the party (NPP) finds itself in trouble (opposition),” he pointed out.

The National Democratic Congress(NDC) has targeted the region as a base where they can make great strides, same as Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen’s Movement for Change (Butterfly movement), which has started establishing its base in the region.

“Apart from NDC targeting Ashanti for 2024, the butterfly movement for change led by former NPP stalwart, Alan Kyerematen has also targeted the region for votes. So far their activities in the region is worrying.

“Again, the electoral trends show that any party in government seeking a third consecutive wins suffer a bit of 2% or 3% apathy and a drop of votes, especially its strong hold,” COKA pointed out.

He believes NPP can counter all the operations of these two forces and also prevent apathy when a strong and resourceful running mate is chosen from the region.

Vice President Bawumia recently became the first Northerner to be elected as flagbearer of the NPP after winning the presidential primaries on November 4, 2023.

This means that the party will have to do more in its strong of Ashanti Region to win the next general election to “break the 8”.

“Our flagbearer is from the northern part of Ghana, and therefore the party will need a running mate from South, Ashanti region to be precise to rejuvenate the base of the party to turn up to vote for NPP in 2024.

“Ashanti Region constitutes the largest of the various sub groups of the Akan,” he added.

According to COKA, statistics available prove that “at least 4% voters vote on ethnic basis.”

Consequently, with the NDC and the butterfly movement making advances in the region, it will be prudent for the NPP to counter their activities.

“NPP is trying to do what has never happened in the political history of Ghana by breaking the 8-year political cycle.  In 2024 NPP needs 80% of Ashanti votes and therefore, Ashanti vice Presidential candidate will do the magic,” COKA emphasised.


In the 1996 elections, NPP had 65.8% and NDC had 32.8%. NDC won.

In the year 2000 elections, NPP had 74.8% and NDC had 22. 5%. NPP won.

In 2004 elections, NPP had 77% and NDC had 21.8%. NPP won.

In the 2008 elections, the NPP had 72. 5% and NDC had 26%. The NPP led the first round election but lost to NDC in a runoff.

In 2012 elections, NPP had 70.9% and NDC had 28.4%. NDC won that election.

In 2016, NPP had 76.3% and NDC had 23%. NPP won.

However, 2020 was very interesting. NPP had 71. 6% and NDC got 26% and again, NPP won.

Ashanti region constitutes the largest of the various sub-groups of the Akans in Ghana.