Apostle (Dr) Kadmiel Agbalenyoh, Worldwide Leader of the Congregation of Church of Theocracy

By Bernard Quanson

United parenthood Righteousness (UPR), an NGO, with the sole objective to explain to the masses about responsible parenthood and righteousness in marriage instituted by Apostle Dr. Kadmiel Agbalenyoh, Leader of the Congegation of Theocracy Church has held a day’s seminar on “celebrating Parenthood and righteousness in marriage” on the theme “Destroy not marital Divinity”.

The seminar was held in Accra and the main lecture was delivered by the Worldwide Leader and Founder of the congregation of Theocracy church, Apostle (Dr.) Kamiel Agbalenyoh and his wife.

The seminar which was chaired by the Greater Accra Regional Chief Imam, Alhaji Sule Issa noted that for some time now, he and Apostle Agbalenyoh waged war on lesbianism and homosexual marriages and practice and hope that they would succeed to please God.

He emphasized that they would continue to fight against the practice till they are listened to by our authorities.

Alhaji Issa said God’s law is supreme so it is the only law that they would promote and uphold in high esteem.

On his part, Apostle Agbelenyoh who delivered the lecture, said it is unfortunate that both men and women do not respect each other in many marriages.

According to him, it is only when a husband and wife are united that, they can be righteous in marriage as God demands.

Dr. Agbalenyoh noted that what God wants mostly in marriage is righteousness so couples should take it seriously than anything else in marriage.

He also said that what God does not like is cheating of widows and orphans, which he stressed that anyone who abuses widows or orphans would be dealt with by the Almighty God .

Dr. Agbalenyoh noted that divorce is a bad practice that should not be encouraged because God created parenthood to include children to be guided by parents and not just one parent due to divorce. .

He also said if righteousness does not pertain in a marriage, peace cannot be in the marriage.

Apostle Agbalenyoh said that it is because many people do not understand marriage that is why there are numerous problems in marriages now.

He said if God is not recognized and made supreme in a marriage, it cannot work, and that problems in the marriage would be difficult to address.

Apostle Agbalenyoh said it is only God who can handle marital issues or disputes but not chiefs and Pastors who could address such problems as expected.

He spoke against the celebration of mothers and fathers Days separately and advocated that a parenthood Day should rather be celebrated and not only Mother’s Day or Father’s Day only as it pertains now.

According to him, forgiveness, patience, truth and unity are important ingredients that couples should promote in any successful marriage.

Apostle Agbalenyoh urged couples to love one another, protect each other, work hard and to have mercy on each other and surely their marriage would work.

Dr. Agbalenyoh stressed that God made it clear from the beginning of the world that it is only a man and a woman who can marry, and not anything else.

He said due to bad marriages, so many people have gone astray.

Apostle Agbalenyoh said men of God in Ghana has to press on hard till the issue of gay and lesbian marriages law is totally rejected in this country, for us not to incur the wrath of God.

He further said that as “we enter into political voting year 2024, promises of big things should not be encouraged but the youth should be made to do hard work to make it, and rather think of promoting a peaceful and successful Elections 2024 that the whole World would be proud of.”

In a related Development, Dr. Agbalenyoh, his allies and a large number of his Church members went on a massive demonstration against Homosexuality and lesbian marriages in Accra recently to press home calls to make the practice illegal.