The Member of Parliament for Gushegu constituency who is also the Deputy Minister for Transport, Alhassan Sulemana Tampuli, has cut the sod for the construction of a total of 36-kilomters of Feeder roads in his constituency.

The project is divided into two lots comprising 18km connecting the Totti junction through to Sugu to Damankun and the second lot which is 18.4km connects Katani-Nomongbani to Nabuli road.

THE CUSTODIAN observed during a visit to the area that the contractor, LOMENF Construction firm had already moved to site and commenced work before the official sod-cutting ceremony, which signified the start of work.

Ing Charles Abertey, the contractor working on the two projects said about 7km of the road formation has been done on the Totti junction stretch of the project.

He added a lot of culverts will be done on the road to allow easy flow of rainwater.

Ing Abertey explained the Katani to Nabuli road due to flooding is very low and they are working to raise the profile of the road such that it cannot be affected by rainfall any longer, adding there is going to be lots of drainage and culverts as well on the road.

He promised to complete the projects within six months before the stipulated time which is 18 months.

For his part, the Gushegu Member of Parliament underscored the economic significance of both projects particularly the 18km Katani to Nabuli road, which connects the Gushegu municipality to the Yunyoo and Chereponi districts in the North East region as well as Mongo in the Northern part of Ghana’s West African neighbours, Togo.

“And so we have a Customs checkpoint here because there is the likelihood of export and sometimes smuggling through this place. It’s a major road that we need to work on and the contractor has 18 months to complete the work but in view of the importance of this road I have requested him not to spend much time to complete the project and he has given me an assurance to complete within 6 months,” Mr. Tampuli said.

The projects when completed will also bring huge relief to farmers and market women who trade in those communities to transport their goods and services to Tamale and other major markets in the south.

Mr. Tampuli disclosed there is also work ongoing on a 13km road from Zantili through Lunluwa to Chimboli, totaling about 50km road works being executed in the Konkomba settlement areas within the constituency. 

He noted work has been completed on a 9-kilometre road connecting Nyoligu to Zinindo and it will soon be commissioned and open to traffic. Additionally, the MP said another 30-kilometre road from Digbila to Kpatinga through to Galwei has also been completed and all concrete works have been done and the contractor will hand over the project to the Feeder roads department this month. 

The Legislator said work is assiduously ongoing to give a facelift to Gushegu town roads something he described as a milestone achievement.

He added that the Gushegu to Karaga highway is presently receiving bitumen surfacing which now makes it more motorable and economically viable for commuters.