The General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, is demanding a complete overhaul of all security protocols at the Electoral Commission (EC).

He says there is the crucial need to review and strengthen security protocols ahead of the 2024 elections for the well-being of the nation and the people of Ghana

Speaking at the latest Moment of Truth series of the party on Monday, April 15, he asserted that “Investigation must be conducted with oversight from credible independent international bodies. We further call for the comprehensive review and overhaul of all security protocols within the EC to ensure that such breaches cannot occur in the future.

“The integrity of the Electoral Commission and by extension the democratic integrity of Ghana must not be compromised.”

The breaches he referred to concern the alleged theft of Biometric Verification Registration (BVR) devices and laptops at the EC.

Mr Kwetey highlighted the significance of every piece of equipment in the EC’s inventory, stressing that each has the potential to significantly influence the electoral process.

He expressed concern over the theft of such devices, which he said could lead to insider threats or external breaches and thereby compromising sensitive systems.

He criticised assurances by EC officials, deeming them inadequate and indicative of a lack of understanding of electoral security complexities and requirements.

“The assurances do not suffice in the face of potential electoral tempering or fraud. We cannot and must not accept this,” he declared.

“We stand before you today to declare that nothing less than the rigorous, transparent and secure electoral process is acceptable.”

Mr Kwetey underscored the importance of safeguarding Ghana’s democracy, the will of Ghanaians, and the future stability of the nation.

He reaffirmed the NDC’s unwavering commitment to preserving democracy in Ghana and called for decisive action to ensure the security of the electoral process to reflect the true will of the people.