The Northern Regional Minister, Shani Alhassan Shaibu, has admonished Muslims to continue to live by the teachings and dictates of the Islamic religion in the aftermath of this year’s Ramadan which ended on Tuesday, April 10, 2024.

“I wish to urge us to continue to carry our daily activities in the manner we did during the month of Ramadan. This will not only help us individually, but it will help change the narrative, especially for the marginalized in our communities” he said.

Alhaji Shani posited that during fasting, purity of both thoughts and actions are important, adding the teachings of Islam encourage us to practice self-discipline, self-control, offer sacrifice, and have empathy for those who are under privileged, thus inspiring and encouraging actions of generosity and charity.

He emphasized, “It should therefore be evident, that we have been granted the benefit of increased bodily and spiritual proximity to the Almighty Allah after going through such a serene period of sacrifice.”

Addressing congregants at the Tamale Jubilee Park during the Eid-ul Fitr festival on Wednesday, April 10, the Minister indicated nothing is more significant in the Northern Region than maintaining peace and togetherness in the area.

He stated this is crucial to the prosperity, well-being and the advancement and development of the communities and the nation as a whole.     

“We must therefore, always behave in the same manner as we did during the month of Ramadan” he stressed.

Mr. Shani Alhassan Shaibu in his remarks further commended the Imams and Ulamans from the various Islamic sects in the region for tolerating each other’s views and school of thoughts.    

According to him, this is an integral part of sustaining the existing peace being enjoyed in the region emphasizing, “We must strive to enhance the collaboration with our security agencies as this is crucial to the overall creation of a conducive environment for investors to come into our region.”

“Distinguished Imams, Nanima and Religious Leaders, you deserve appreciation for your dedication, selflessness, and unwavering support in maintaining the comparatively peaceful environment we have now. I urge you to keep up the excellent work and utilize every resource at your disposal to educate our young people on the need to remain responsible and peaceful at all times” he said.