The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) says the ban on drumming and noise-making for this year will start from Monday, May 6 to Thursday, June 6, 2024.

It has, therefore, urged all residents within the Accra metropolis to comply with the directive. 

During the period of the ban, churches are expected to carry out their activities within their premises and refrain from the use of musical instruments. 

Similarly, the positioning of loudspeakers outside the premises of churches, mosques and pubs are banned.

The AMA in a statement on Friday, May 3, 2024, further indicated that roadside evangelists are to cease their activities during this period. 
“Religious bodies and the Traditional Authorities must show respect for one another and restrain their followers from making derogatory and inflammatory remarks about the beliefs and practices of one another,” the statement indicated.

Additionally, other guidelines by the Ga Traditional Council (GTC) include a ban on funeral rites and their related activities. 

The statement also indicated that apart from identifiable task force that consists of AMA personnel, the Ghana Police Service and Representatives from the Traditional Councils with tags, no other person or group of persons should be seen or found enforcing the abatement of noise in the metropolis.