Mr. Alexander Afenyo-Markin, Majority Leader in Parliament

The Majority Caucus in Parliament has triggered constitutional provisions and Standing Orders of the Legislature, petitioning the Speaker of Parliament, Alban S. K. Bagbin to reconvene the House.

A memo submitted to the Speaker by the Majority Leader, Alexander Afenyo-Markin dated 2nd May, 2024, cited Article 112(3) of the 1992 Constitution and Order 53 of the Standing Orders of Parliament, which allow 15 percent of Members of Parliament (MPs) to request for recall of parliament to consider matters of national importance.

The Majority Caucus is seeking to transact key government business items, including the adoption of the Thirty-Fourth Report of the Appointments Committee or approval of ministerial nominees among others.

Other businesses to be considered, according to the petitioners are a motion for an “Additional Financing Agreement between GoG and the IDA for an amount of US$150 million to finance the ongoing Greater Accra Resilient and Integrated Development (GARID) Project; Request for Tax Exemption for selected beneficiaries under the 1D1F Programme.”

Majority Leader Afenyo-Markin in the memo, reminded the Speaker Bagbin about unsuccessful attempts by him for Parliament be recalled.

“As Mr. Speaker may recall, Parliament had adjourned sine die on Wednesday 20th March, 2024 at the time the above stated items had been advertised and scheduled to be carried.

“Mr Speaker may also recall that on 8th April, 2024, I sent a memo to your office requesting for recall under Orders 57(3) and 58(4). Unfortunately, same did not find favour with you.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Order 57(3) provides: ‘The Speaker may, summon a sitting of the House before the date or time to which the House has been adjourned or at any date or time after the House has been adjourned sine die’.

“Order 58(4) also provides: ‘The Speaker shall summon Parliament within a period determined by the Speaker and the requirement for a fourteen-day notice shall not apply where there is an emergency.’

“Mr Speaker, it is important to state that this request is being brought in good faith to enable Government to discharge its constitutional and democratic obligations to the people of Ghana,” the Majority Leader added.

He said in view of the fact that his earlier memo dated 8th April, 2024 was unsuccessful, the petitioners to this request are left with no option than to proceed to exercise their rights which they hereby do.

“Mr Speaker for emphasis, I shall still quote the relevant laws upon which this request is mounted;

a.    Article 112(3) of the 1992 Constitution provides: Notwithstanding any other provision of this article, fifteen percent of members of Parliament may request a meeting of Parliament; and the Speaker shall within seven days after the receipt of the request, summon Parliament.

b.    Order 53 also states that (1) ‘Despite any other provision, fifteen percent of Members of Parliament and the Speaker shall, within seven days after the receipt of the request, summon parliament; (2) ‘Parliament shall convene within seven days after the issuance of the notice of summon,” the memo concluded.

Accordingly, Speaker Bagbin is obligated to summon Parliament seven days after the receipt of the memo.