Health Minister, Dr Bernard Okoe-Boye, has called on nursing trainees to back the Akufo-Addo administration in its efforts to disburse their allowances.

He acknowledged that some allowances are still outstanding, but assured that the government is making strides to settle these arrears.

He contrasted this with the previous government, which he said lacked the resolve to pay trainee allowances.

During the presentation of two buses to the Lekma Hospital and the University of Ghana Medical Centre in Accra on Monday, Dr Okoe-Boye said, “There are thousands of nurses who have had allowances paid to them by this government.

“But it is also true that there are others whose payments are in arrears. We have decided to work hard to sustain and to pay these arrears. You have to choose between the one who says I will pay you, pays you and sometimes owes you. And the other one who says that me I can’t pay these things at all. And so if you have had the other government led by John Mahama for the past eight years it will be zero for all nurses in Ghana.

“But as we speak hundreds of thousands of nurses have had support from the Akufo-Addo government and it is true that there are hundreds of thousands who are calling for theirs to come.”

“We will work hard to make sure that everybody receives what is due them. This is the kind of government to support. The one who says I will shoulder this trouble. I will shoulder this burden. I will work hard to sustain it.

“It is better than the one who says this is too much load for me I can’t carry. The choice is yours, help us and we will shoulder the system.”