Members of Anbariya Sunni Community with Tamale Central MP Murtala Mohammed

The Anbariya Sunni Community based in Tamale has appealed to Parliament and the Ghanaian society, in general, to be active citizens and not helpless spectators in the fight against the deviant behaviour and moral disorder, LGBTQ+.

According to the Community, well-meaning Ghanaians need to stand for, guard and defend the moral values of their societies and give full backing to the Promotion of proper human sexual rights and Ghanaian family values Bill, 2021.

Political actors and human rights activists, it said must respect the will of the Ghanaian people in their engagements and communications on the anti-LGBTQ+ debate and assured their commitment to ensure the rights and family values of the Ghanaian society is protected.

Head and leader of the Anbariya Community, Sheikh Saeed Abubakar Zakaria, made the appeal in Parliament on Tuesday after the group submitted a Memorandum on the Promotion of proper human sexual rights and Ghanaian family values Bill, 2021.

Addressing the media after the presentation, Sheikh Saeed Zakaria, noted that the strenuous attempts by LGBTQ+ advocates to find a place in the Ghanaian society keep Anbariya busy trying to educate Ghanaians particularly the youth about its dangers.

The Community, he said, therefore sees passing the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, 2021 as God sent, and will do all it can, physically and spiritually, to ensure its passage.

“The law of our country is categorically clear in its position with regards to what the sexual orientation of the citizens should be. LGBTQ+ is alien to our laws.

“Section 104 of the criminal offence Act, 1960, (ACT 29), criminalizes unnatural carnal knowledge. There is nothing natural about this beast called LGBTQ+,” he said.

According to him, no person is born an LGBTQ just like no one is born a thief, a liar or a murderer and that people acquire these evil habits due to lack of proper guidance and education.

LGBTQ+, he said, is not allowed in Islam and thus should be condemned in no uncertain terms, adding that accepting the practice plus all its additions in a Muslim society is at variance with Divine order.

He cited Qur’an 29:29 and 80:84 and read a number of the sayings (Hadith) of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) including Hadith by Ibn Abbas that said: “The Prophet (PBUH) said: ‘cursed is the one who does the action of the people of Lot” as examples.

“Our religion, Islam, considers ‘Liwat’ (anal sex) a punishable offence and so, to us Muslims LGBTQ+ is unacceptable,” he said.

He expressed gratitude to the various faith groups that have boldly expressed support for the Bill including the Office of the National Chief Imam, The Ashaiman Muslim Community, the Christian Council, the Catholic Bishops Conference, the Charismatic Churches, the Coalition of Muslim Organizations in Ghana (COMOG) among the many others.

Minority leader Haruna Iddrisu who received the group, who are members of his Constituency, in his office after the presentation, assured Ghanaians stand resolute and unequivocal that it will not accept the introduction nor formalization or legalization of LGBTQ in the country.

He noted that very soon the concept of father and mother will be lost if this canker is allowed to fester and soon male restrooms will be open for women and vice-versa.

He assured the Anbariya Community that at the appropriate time the Committee working on the Bill will invite those who have submitted petitions to hear their concerns and see how these would be addressed.