Mr Hassan Tampuli, MP for Gushegu, and Deputy Minister for Transport & Aviation

Member of Parliament for Gushegu constituency in the northern region, Mr Alhassan Sulemana Tampuli, who doubles the Deputy Minister for Transport and Aviation, has cautioned his constituents and the general public to be wary of fraudulent people using his name to demand mobile money from them for favours.

The lawmaker said it has come to his notice that some unscrupulous and faceless individuals are defrauding unsuspecting people in his constituency with the pretence that he (Tampuli) is going to give them tricycles among other items.

“Lately, I have been told that some people have been using my name to call people, that, I am giving them ‘motorking’ or tractors, so they should put some money into some mobile money account. Please, it is not me, I haven’t sent anybody. This is a public disclaimer – I have not sent anybody; if I would give you motorking, I will call you and give you motorking, I won’t ask you to contribute anything, so let me put this one on record” the legislator emphasized.

He has therefore entreated people to take precautions in dealing with these unknown individuals portraying themselves as his assigns. 

The Member of Parliament made this known when he addressed assembly members during their meeting to confirm the nomination of Mr. Robert Dawuni Yaja as the Gushegu Municipal Chief Executive on Friday.

Meanwhile, the President’s nominee, Robert Dawuni Yaja was unanimously confirmed making him the first candidate to receive 100 percent approval in the northern region.

Until his approval, the Municipal Chief Executive elect served as the Presiding Member of the Gushegu Municipal Assembly.

The Member of Parliament promised to assist the Municipal Assembly with the needed and requisite resources for efficient service to the people.

He said the Gushegu municipality is the largest area in the region and that he added, has imposed a huge responsibility on them as leaders.

“We don’t have time on our side and we really have to hit the ground running and I can assure that whatever resources that you need as an assembly, consider that it would be provided for you” he pledged.