The Minority National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Parliament has called on the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) to cancel all West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) papers that have been leaked.

According to the side, WAEC must investigate the sources of the leakage of the papers and the leak of contact details of examiners, and hold to account the perpetrators of these crimes.

WAEC, the Minority noted, has failed to ensure fairness and integrity of the ongoing WASSCE examination, which is a key of its function.

In a statement by MP for Builsa South and Deputy Ranking Member of the Education Committee, Dr. Clement Apaak, the Minority noted that on Friday 7th August 2020, the Integrated Science Paper scheduled for Monday 10th August 2020 was leaked and circulated widely on social media.

“Some well-meaning Ghanaians complained about this, resulting in the questions being changed, which many believe, brought about the chaos and misconduct witnessed in our schools, with students running amok, insulting and cursing President Akufo-Addo.”

“On the evening of Sunday 16th August, the Core Mathematics paper scheduled for Monday 17th August was seen circulating on social media with worked out answers.”

“Some thought they were fake but were later proven to be true as the questions circulated were contained in the very paper written on Monday,” part of the statement read.

The side noted that though the leakage of the core Mathematics paper was worrisome enough, evidence indicates a leaked Chemistry paper along similar lines.

“Even as we speak, there are indications the Economics paper, being written today was leaked,” Dr. Apaak stressed.
“In addition to this patterned leaks, we are witnesses to another strange and very unfortunate development in that the names, email addresses, location and contact numbers of examiners are in circulation on social media and the public space.”

“Very unusual! This development, erodes the concealment of the identity of examiners, which are to insulate them from public influence by some in our society who would wait at nothing to see wards pass examinations at all costs.”
The minority noted that both the leakages and publications of details of examiners defeats the purpose of a fair assessment system that WAEC is supposed to ensure.

And undermines the integrity of the examinations, the integrity of WAEC, and dents the image of Ghana before the International community.

WAEC as a matter of urgency, Dr. Apaak said, must cancel the leaked and suspected leaked papers as it has done in the past.

According to him, it is worrying that a body that swiftly acted to cancel papers in the past on suspicion of leakage, is reluctant in acting in a similar manner when overwhelming evidence of the leaked papers abound.
He urged WAEC to investigate the sources of the leakages and ensure the perpetrators are brought to book.
WAEC, he said, must also ensure the safety of the remaining papers to avert the embarrassing situations that have been witnessed the past few days.