Zosimli Naa Efe Bell Tipag’ya with President of Dagbon Youth Association

The Dagbon Youth Association (DAYA) has paid a courtesy call on the newly enskinned Development Chief of Tamale, Zosimli Naa Efe Bell Tipag’ya, to congratulate her on her ascension to the traditional office.

The DAYA Executives also held discussion with Naa Efe Bell on mutual grounds to chart a path of development for the people of Dagbon.

President of DAYA who led the delegation, Mr. Adam Baba Usif, in a media interview said the association will build a working relationship with the Zosimli Naa to mitigate the development gap especially on education and youth empowerment.

According to him, the vision of the Zosimli Naa conforms to the objectives of DAYA which is securing development and creating more sustainable job opportunities for the youth of Dagbon.

“You would be aware when the Overlord passed on there was a vacuum which affected our operations but fortunately for us earlier this year, with the permission of the Ya Naa, we had to reorganize and get new executives in place” he said.

The DAYA President said, “We would expect and hope that from now we will have a greater collaboration in several ways, remembering the fact, in your speech at the conference we held the other day, was basically on how to develop our area; our thinking is the same and we will give you every support that is needed.”

For her part, Zosimli Naa Efe Bell Tipag’ya commended the Dagbon Youth Association for the visit, stating this will offer her the opportunity to know the relevant stakeholders and partners that her palace can collaborate and work together for the development of the Dagbon people as well as the people of the north.

She announced a consignment of medical equipment are being imported to support quality healthcare delivery in the area, intimating further that, “When I think about development, it’s not just development of resources; but also it’s about the mindset, so we cannot develop without developing our minds – so thinking about education, leadership, development opportunities and how we can also communicate.”

“You know clarity is kindness and so ensuring that our messaging around culture and how we communicate better information not only so that the people here, but know the culture, know the tradition but for the people all around the globe will come to know better the culture and the tradition and why they are important and how they can actually embrace those into their culture and into their homes and take elements of what they have learnt about us” Naa Efe Bell Tipag’ya emphasized.

SOURCEthecustodianghonline.com/Mohammed Gadafi
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