Management of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has explained the intermittent power supply to the Dalun Water Treatment Plant is the cause of water shortage in the Tamale metropolis and its adjoining communities in the northern region.

The capital city of the northern region for the past months has been experiencing serious water crisis resulting in the rationing of water supply to the inhabitants.

However, the situation this time round has affected areas otherwise receive normal flow, but worsening supply to suburbs where flow has over the months been erratic.

In a statement copied to THE CUSTODIAN, authorities of the GWCL in the region has apologized for the recent spate of water shortages in parts of the metropolis and its environs.

Residents buying water from tractor water supplier in Tamale

“We would like the public to understand that water supply depends on adequate power supply. As a result, our operations have also been affected by the recent power outages and fluctuations” the statement added.

The GWCL further disclosed there is no power supply to operations center in Dalun for several hours now following the rainstorm that occurred on Wednesday 28 April, 2021.

However, the general public is assured that the NEDCo/VRA is doing everything possible to restore power supply to the GWCL stations.

“Management would therefore want to assure the general public that water supply would continue once power supply is restored. It also advises consumers to store and conserve enough water when their taps are running during this period”


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