Mr Alexander Afenyo-Markin, Deputy Majority Leader

Deputy Majority leader in Parliament Alexander Afenyo-Markin, has stated that the executive arm of government is not interested in undermining Parliament in any way.

Members of the House, he said, should therefore not harbour such bad feeling to the detriment of the relation between the legislature and the executive.

The Deputy Majority leader defended the Executive yesterday after a member of the Minority had subtly suggested government by its actions, is disrespecting the Parliament.

The incident started when Minority leader, Haruna Iddrisu, had drew the attention of the Speaker to news in the media purportedly emanating from the Presidency on the appointment of members of the Council of State in accordance with Article 89 of the Constitution.

Mr. Haruna argued that Parliament should be the forum where such formal announcements should be made particularly with regard to Article 89 (2).

He averred that the provision does not invest only in the President the power to appoint but he must do so in consultation with Parliament.

“There is no formal communication to Parliament from the President on this matter and yet there is announcement in the media.

“We can’t follow those announcements in the air so the President’s handlers must be put on alert that with Article 89 (2), it is a shared responsibility between the President as an Executive President and Parliament as a House”, the Minority leader added.

The President’s Secretary and the Communications Director at the Presidency, he said, must first communicate to Parliament such important information before going to the media.

MP for Okaikwei Central who responded to the Minority leader on the matter argued that Article 89 (2) deals with category of persons that the President must appoint in consultation with the Speaker and Parliament.

The names released to the public by the Presidency, he said, are not within the category of persons the President ought to consult the House.

However, MP for North Tongu pointed out that the release also made reference to names of persons appointed under this category with inference of a consultation with Parliament.

The concerns of the Minority leader, he said, are therefore legitimate, and noted the Presidency should not treat the House as an afterthought where matters are discussed in the open media before they are brought to the attention of legislators.

Responding, Deputy Majority Leader Afenyo-Markin noted that the suggestion of the North Tongu MP is not a fact and stressed the executive is committed to working with Parliament.

According to him, the government is running the nation with different dynamics and as and when they come up they would be dealt with.

He pointed out that the practice of the convention of consultation has been at a certain level of engagement, which the Speaker should be very aware of.

“So I don’t think the executive in any way intends to undermine the authority of Parliament as it is being implied.

“I suggest we do not harbour a feeling that the Executive wants to undermine Parliament because it is not so,” he added.