Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia with soldiers in the Upper East Region

As the country inches towards the 2020 general election, Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has urged Ghanaian soldiers to continue to deal with all the major external security threats the country is faced with to maintain the prevailing peace in the country.

The Vice President indicated that the security of the country against external threats remain in the hands of soldiers, which is why they must continue to provide the needed protection.

Vice President Bawumia stated these during a visit to 11 Mechanize Infantry Unit at Bazua in the Upper East Region.

“The security of the country is in your hands. Reason the President is making sure you are ok at this your base. Ghana is one of the most peaceful countries in the West Africa and we want to maintain that. I will urge you to continue to deal with major external threats by sacrificing for the country”, he said.

He appreciated the contributions of the soldiers who at the peril of their lives are working tirelessly to ensure that the peace of the country is not destabilized by external forces.

Ghanaians soldiers poised for action

“Putting your lives on the line for mother Ghana is commendable. Government appreciates the efforts you are making and that is why it is providing you with the needed logistics to enable you execute your mandate. Your Commander-In-Chief who is the President appreciates your worth”, he stressed.

The Commanding Officer of the unit revealed that their deployment to the Upper East Region was to secure Ghana’s borders and prevent a possible terrorist attack.

He explained that the increased presence of members of the Ghana Armed Forces in the Region are part of efforts by Government to ensure that “terrorist infiltrators do not come into our country to cause problems for us.

“We mounting surveillance at the entry points of the country to ensure that we are not taken by surprise by potential threats of the country’s security”.

SOURCEby Kyei Boateng
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