Security analyst Dr. Adam Bonaa has said that the foreigners who were found at Achimota on Tuesday 3 October, 2022 could be mystery shoppers for a terrorist organization.

He added that if our immigration and national security want citizens to help them, this is the time they need to come clear and tell us what actually happened, especially the lapses that made it possible for the foreigners to travel freely to arrive at Achimota.

Some Nigeriens were stranded at the Achimota Overhead on the N1 Highway after the vehicle they were travelling in from Niamey to La Cote D’iVoire abandoned them.

Dr. Bonaa has also questioned why citizens should trust national security if they don’t share any information with the citizens. He shares the view that a collaborative effort is required to counter terrorism hence there must be exchange of information between stakeholders.

According to him, “In this day and age of terrorism, if your countering measures are not very good this could be it because recently a lot of them (foreigners) were removed from the country. So why are they here? I think that we still have not had answers and to say they are just moving to a neighbouring country is simply not good enough.”

Dr. Adam Bonaa also proposes that the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) and the other security agencies should fast-track investigation on the foreigners who claimed to have been abandoned by their bus driver at Achimota and escort them to their destination.

“These people could be mystery shoppers planted in the country to test how our security preparedness for terrorism is” Dr. Bonaa told Alfred Ocansey on 3FM Sunrise Morning Show.

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