Farmers are calling for more investment in agricultural production

The Ghana Agricultural Sector Investment Program (GASIP) has saluted all gallant farmers in the country following the celebration of the 2021 annual National Farmers Day last Friday, 3rd December, 2021.

First Friday of every December has been set aside by the government of Ghana to honor deserving farmers and fishermen based on their practices and output with special awards nationwide.  

The country marked the 37th edition of the annual National farmers Day on the theme: “Planting for food and jobs – Consolidating food systems in Ghana.”

The GASIP Climate Change Adaptation Manager, Dr Edmund K. Akoto-Danso in statement congratulated all farmers especially those who won awards for their immense contribution to ensure food security in the country.

“To our smallholder farmers who won an award for various value chains, we say a big Ayekoo” the statement added.

He further lauded the Agricultural Extension Officers and officers at the various district and municipal directorates of agriculture.

Dr Akoto-Danso indicated the major farming season is over but off-season agriculture production and environmental protection are very critical for family nutrition and poverty reduction.

He urged all stakeholders to join hands to take action and the will to support vulnerable farmers in answering the questions posed by climate change, environmental pressure, poverty and inequality in the country.

“As climate champions of GASIP, we encourage you all to do the little you can, through Community-Based Groups Sensitization (Schools, Churches, Mosques, Market ground etc), radio sensitization, leading farmers to create fire belts around their farmlands and formation of volunteer guards” he admonished.

Meanwhile, a 44 year-old Alhaji Mohammed Mashud from Tamale in the northern region emerged as the National Best Farmer for 2021. For his prize, Alhaji Mashud would take home GHS600,000 cash and a GHS500,000 insurance cover.  

Sulemana Yidana from the North East Region was crown the first runner up receiving a tractor and disc plough, GHS200,000 insurance cover, study trip abroad and a sprayer.


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