The NPP Northern Regional Director of Communications, Mr. Sule Salifu

Director of Communication for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the northern region has challenged the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to properly train their polling station agents for the impending general elections tomorrow and stop making baseless and impotent allegations against the NPP. 

Mr. Sule Salifu noted every serious political party for the 2020 general elections must train it’s agents to man the polls with vigilance to avoid any form of electoral malfeasance in the 7 December Presidential and Parliamentary polls as it is believed that elections are won at the polling stations. 

He asked whether or not the largest opposition party in the country have agents before throwing such wield allegations in the air that the NPP is importing ballot papers into the northern region. 

Media reports suggest the NDC in the northern region at a news conference in Tamale on Saturday (5 December, 2020) accused the ruling NPP of importing some ballot papers into the region ahead of Monday’s election which at press time was barely 48 hours to the polls. 

However, the Communication Director refuted the claim and noted no political party can import even a single ballot paper except the electoral commission of Ghana. 

He explained further that all concern political parties including the NDC and their representatives were invited to the police station and some International organizations such the European Union were present to take records of the serial numbers of the ballot boxes before it was kept safely at the police armory. 

“So if you’re accusing the NPP of importing ballot papers and boxes into the region, then what was the essence of you having agents there when we’re all well aware that the Supreme Court announced that elections are won at the polling station” he said. 

Sule Salifu rather advice the NDC and their support base to desist from making unsubstantiated allegations and focus well for the election, saying further that, “If they haven’t trained their agents that is their headache and not for us.” 


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