Dr Sulemanu Koney, CEO, Ghana Chamber of Mines

The Ghana Chamber of Mines says it is committed to creating local employment in the mining sector across the country.

Presently over 98% of employees in the industry, according to the Chamber, are Ghanaians.

Speaking to Citi Business News, CEO of the Chamber, Dr Sulemanu Koney, said his outfit will continue to explore other avenues to increase the number of Ghanaians engaged in the mining sector.

“In terms of employment, we have thirteen mining producing member companies as of the year of 2019. The number of employees on the roll is about 11,899 and of this, the expatriate population is 144 representing only 1.2%. So, you can see the efforts we have made over the years. Years ago, we had a lot of expatriate population within the mining industry, fast-forward to today, you can just count on the fingers the number of expatriates within the mining industry.”

“So it’s good news for us. We will continue to actually push the envelope to ensure that we continue to have a lot more Ghanaians employed within the mining industry. If you look at the helm of most of our member companies, you will see Ghanaians actually occupying top positions there now regarding the future of the mining industry and the chamber of mines as illustrated we continue to be responsible and business association we aspire to work with government and various state holders to ensure that we get the benefit from the mining industry with respect across various stakeholders”.

The first offices of the West Africa Chamber of Mines, which gave birth to the Ghana Chamber of Mines, were set up in 1903 with the principal objective of advancing and protecting the mining interests of the shareholders.

The Chamber was composed of directors of the Mining Companies in London who, among other functions, had the power to promote or oppose any legislative measures or petition government and administrative bodies in the colony on many matters, which directly affected mining interests.