Vice President Bawumia addressing Muslims at Abossey Okai Central Mosque

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has revealed that government is set to inaugurate 119 infrastructure projects financed by the Zongo Development Fund.

He said 79 more projects are at about 98% complete, bringing the total number of projects which will be inaugurated to 198.

The projects include classroom blocks, libraries, ICT centres, health facilities, roads, bridges, drainage and water systems and AstroTurfs.

Speaking at the closing session of the annual interpretation of the Qur’an (Tafsir) by the National Chief Imam at the Abossey Okai Central Mosque in Accra on Saturday, Dr Bawumia said the 119 projects that are completed are just the beginning and that there are many more coming.

“119 projects have been completed and they will be commissioning them. This is just the beginning and many more are on the way,” Dr Bawumia reiterated.

The Zongo Development Fund was established by the Akufo-Addo government to prioritise and accelerate development in Zongos, considered as some of the most highly deprived communities.

Vice President Bawumia noted that after four years of existence, the Fund has made a significant impact in many Zongo communities across the country with infrastructure development.

Prioritising education

Dr Bawumia reaffirmed government’s effort at prioritising and promoting education in the Zongos.

Accordingly, he said the government last year, awarded 40 scholarships to brilliant-but-needy students from Zongo communities to study medicine.

He added that the processes have started for another 40 to be sent to Cuba this year.

Vice President Bawumia urged the Zongo community to be inspired by Tafsir, one of the oldest methods of teaching and learning, to prioritise education in the Zongos.

The Tafsir is the process of breaking down and interpreting complex texts of the Holy Quran for clear understanding, and this method of teaching and learning, has existed since the advent of Islam.

Vice President Bawumia noted that Tafsir, which was used in the olden days to provide information and education, underlines the importance of seeking knowledge, as directed by Prophet Muhammad.

He urged members of the Zongo community, particularly the youth, to be inspired by that and take education more seriously.

“The Tafsir is a forum for spreading and seeking knowledge and it is in line with the important call by The Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. for education to be taken seriously. Beyond listening to the Tafsir, it is important for us, to continue to take education seriously in order to transform our communities,” Dr Bawumia advised.

“In today’s competitive and technological world, seeking education should be a priority for all. It is a right and a must for all, especially the young ones.”

Vice President Bawumia commended the National Chief Imam and other clerics for their commitments to the promotion of education, and urged the young generation to emulate them.

“If we look at what the National Chief Imam and other Sheikhs have done and continue to do to promote education within Zongos, the young ones, cannot do otherwise. If our Sheikhs, even at their advanced age, continue to dream about building schools and generally about education, the young ones have no reason not to prioritise education today.

“We are beneficiaries of the knowledge of our Sheikhs today because they took their education seriously yesterday. Let us also take education seriously today so others will also benefit from it tomorrow.”

SOURCEBy Abdul-Salam
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