Humanitarian Project Ghana and HPGH Global Foundation are working with international partners to inject major humanitarian funds into developmental projects over the next 5 years through joint venture partnerships. The international partners include major sponsors and other funding partners. This is yet the largest investment the country will receive post Covid-19.

Humanitarian Project Ghana and HPGH Global Foundation have been working collectively in Ghana for the past 11 to bring this support to the development of Ghana. These funds will be utilised over a Five-year period to improve infrastructure in the country by building hospitals, assisting organisations that are working to improve lives and create employment for Ghanaians. 

In an interview with the International Director of both organisations, Mr. Michael Bass, said “ We are bringing funding from joint-venture partnerships, to bring funding into the country, and all these funding sources are verifiable and legitimate. We are here in the country and this is the attempt to help the people of Ghana. We have submitted projects to be funded over 5 years”.

Some specific projects the donors are targeting include working with institutions and companies to restore the polluted water bodies in Ghana, provide hospitals in deprived areas that are in need, and generally support every sector of this country to bring sustainability to all Ghanaians. We are scheduled, with assistance from our partners to fund hospitals and other projects, and companies involved have signed MOUs to complete the projects.

These funds that are coming into the country will be accessible to vetted companies and organisations that are working to improve lives of Ghanaians and the country at large, according to Mr. Michael Bass who said;

“One of our key elements is to be able to help other NGOs as well. We are in a position where with these funds that will be brought to the country, we will be able to assist other organisations as well as projects. Because there are a lot of good organisations in Ghana that are trying to really help, but their problem is access to funding. We want to be that organisation they can come to, and our partners will assist them.

Some NGOs and companies have already sent in documents for help per the interview with the International Director. The nature of funding from these organisations is such that it is not restricted to just one sector. There is ample room for all sectors to benefit from this direct investment Ghana is yet to receive.

In conclusion, Mr. Bass projects that the organisations he works with are working to impact the lives of over One Hundred thousand Ghanaians in 2022 which is fast approaching.

“We would like to definitely create employment for over a hundred thousand people in the country. We have a lot of plans over the five year period to change the face of Ghana. We want to add projects to the country to create employment.

There are huge projects that we are looking at doing that will create the type of employment that we can honestly say we can employ that many people in these projects along with hospitals that we intend doing with the assistance of our partners”, Mr. Bass added.

The only challenge these organisations with the funding have faced is the support of Ghanaians to be aware of what is available to them and all. The International Director said;

“Our main focus with our funding is to focus on the rural areas and not just the city centers like Accra and Kumasi. Therefore, we are looking for the support we can get from Ghanaians to get this funding into the country.

Our organisation would like to bring to the point and the awareness of Ghanaians that there are obstacles in the way and we need their support to get to the point that, okay, these organisations exists and they have been making attempts to bring funding to the country and we (Ghanaians) want to stand behind them to help bring this funding”. 

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