I have seen some slide shows of NDC Manifesto Promises making the rounds on social media and I think Ghanaians should not take them seriously.

Under NDC, we had Association of Unemployed Graduates meaning they couldn’t create jobs for them.On the contrary, the NPP has created 100,000 and enroute to creating another 100,000 jobs to absorb diploma holders and graduates. The Youth in Afforestation also has created thousands of jobs. An NDC Minister once told them the youth to create jobs for themselves by going to fill potholes on the street.How do you believe these same people,when they say they will create one Million jobs for the Youth.

The Teachers and Nurses whose training allowances they cancelled, were they not Youth?;

Is Fertilizer supply to farmers not part of Planting for Food and Jobs?;

Roads dualization,are they not work in progress?;

National Apprenticeship Program: is that not the same as Gyeda which was an avenue for corruption?;

What is free Primary Health Care? What happened to Free Maternal Care under NDC? Do you trust them? Are they going to abolish NHIS ? Is that not providing Healthcare?;

How can they promise to reverse a Supreme Court decision? Don’t they respect separation of powers and independence of the Judiciary? Why hoodwink Ghanaians that Birth Certificates have been abolished by the Supreme Court?Was that the issue before the Court or an opinion expressed in the course of the judgment? Did the EC add Birth Certificate to the eligibility criteria contained in its C.I.for voter registration? And in what manner,did the Supreme Court err in refusing to recognize Birth Certificates in that peculiar case where the EC rejected it and Parliament didn’t annul the C.I.?Is final judicial authority under the Constitution not vested in the Judiciary? Why want to interfere with the work of the Judiciary? Has the law on Birth Certificates been abolished in Ghana?;

How do you restore integrity in the Judiciary or Electoral Commission? Are they not independent institutions? What interference is that.This is cheap politics;

Has Kotoka International Airport been privatized ? Why talk of reversing it?;

How can they fight corruption knowing what we know of them?Were we not in this country under them for eight years?;
Who is harassing Journalists in Ghana to warrant their protection?How many journalists have been unlawfully detained or died or gone to exile for their views;?

Was it the Government that collapsed the banks or the Bank of Ghana determined that they couldn’t operate and revoked their licenses? Is it not rather this NPP Government which has paid depositors and it is still paying them?? What happened to DKM customers?Didn’t it collapse under their watch?;

Can any government complete infrastructural developments, considering the huge deficits we inherited from colonialism?Can it happen during our live time? Was Rome built in a day?What therefore is this talk of 10$billion infrastructural push.;

And this Okada legalization.Are they being harassed?And if I may ask, are homosexuals in Ghana like Okada operators being harassed? So what of this talk of legalization of Okada. When did it become part of national discourse?;

But are any Ghanaian subjects or ethnic group under any threat presently to warrant their safety?

Hasn’t NPP Government made provision to build 101 hospitals in Regions and Districts across the country already? So why talk of construction of Regional hospitals again?;

We turned all our polytechnics into Technical Universities without equipping them. These days Universities have Satellite campuses. So does it matter where they are located?;

Whether there is one in every Region of Ghana?;

Why Free TVET? Is that not part of education? And if free will it not be cheap?Didn’t NDC spend a lot of time campaigning against Free SHS? Even recently a young girl,an obvious student was seen in what appeared to be an NDC sponsored video seriously condemning Free SHS and calling upon Ghanaians to reject it and opt to pay fees. So why introduce anything which is free now? A political gimmick or desperation?

A Law abiding government or law disrespecting government? Why abolish National Service for Teachers?Is national service not to build patriotism in the youth?Teacher Licensure Exams are to make Teachers Professionals Why cancel it? The future of the students largely depends upon good teachers so we can ensure quality education;

Teachers and Nurses should not be taken in by the promise to continue paying them allowances. The NDC said it was not a viable option and cancelled it. Even John Mahama put his presidency on the line.Please keep with the NPP which restored those allowances;.

Cancellation of double track means some students will surely be denied access to Secondary Education. A government which makes such a promise is anti youth and anti-suffering parents.Don’t vote for them.

There are already Cocoa Processing Factories.We want progressive ways to maximize our earnings in the cocoa sector; Instead of abolishing duties on Commercial Vehicles, why not get them assembled here as we did with I think Norplant and Willowbrook buses sometime ago. The NPP has already started the Assembling of vehicles and more can be added so we stop the importation and using secondhand and accident or even salvaged vehicles leading to saving foreign exchange and avoid accidents on our roads;

State Farms? I thought we are practicing market economy and free trade? The whole idea of planting for food and jobs is to create jobs and increase food production and food security.We have done it.Or the introduction of State Farms is just another name for Planting for Food and Jobs?.

In my opinion, NPP has achieved more in its 31/2 years management of corporate Ghana and can do more with Four More Years. Stay the course and reject this “Sakora”manifesto.

I will return.!!!

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