Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. This is how Google defines it.

The deep affection includes care, support, positive affection, positive prayers, guidance, one’s success, emotional care or concern.

We should be able to practicalise love to all. Love is not about discrimination, hatred or enviness of the success chalk by anyone.

We should exhibit, demonstrate and actualize love. Love should not be an abstract gift, but as mentioned, it should be a tangible commodity.

As a Muslim, my perfect religion, Islam places love in the centrepiece of our daily activities and it encourages all believers or followers to promote it no matter the situation or the environment.

Both the Quran, the perfect and unedited Book and the Hadith of the greatest and the last of all the Prophets of Allah preach or talk about love. They expect all adherents of the religion to exhibit love to all without any iota of discrimination.

Consider the following;

Are you happy with the success chalk by a brother or sister?

Promotion gained?

Employment gained?

Marriage happily consummated?

Child or children Allah bestowed on a family?

Opportunity to travel outside maybe Europe or  America as these are the two main continents most of us cherish and want to travel to. They are seen as productive destinations to succeed.

And  other opportunities Allah has offered to a brother or sister.

We must appreciate whatever Allah does to anyone and not to try and compete negatively.

Allah does what pleases  Him and He is the perfect one. His actions cannot be contested by anyone or authority. He is Al-Mulk.

Our love and affection to an individual should be for the sake of Allah and  without any caveat or condition.

Our Allah is a loving Creator. His  love is unconditional, and therefore we should do same.

As Muslims, we proclaimed the ‘Kalima Shahadah’, that is believing in the oneness of Allah and His last Prophet, Muhammad(PBUH), worship five times on a daily basis and other additional prayers,  fasting during the month of Ramadan and other days and times, we undertake our responsibility in giving to the needy, the pauper or the poor (Zakat), then we perform the Haj, if one has the capacity both in health and finance.

Other pillars of faith such as believing in the existence of Allah, never ascribe any partner to Him, Accepting and believing in His Prophets, His angels, His Book, the Holy Quran and the last day ie, the Judgement Day.

We can undertake all and also believing in the pillars of faith as mentioned, but the Almighty can offer you the greatest, the most peaceful, most enjoyable and the everlasting place, the heaven, because of a small or an atom task you performed for His sake without giving that task any honour, value or importance.

With this, we should try and love all and never underestimate the little things we do for His sake.

Allah loves us and we should do same to others.

We should walk our talks. And allow love to  reign.

When relationships are built on true love, they last and multiply and transform all to the direction or persuasion.

As stated, Allah is love, and His adherents are expected to actualize and share to all.

I believe this piece will reignite our spirit of love.

As it is said by some adherents of the religion, ‘Love for all, hatred for none’.

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