Mr Haruna Iddrisu, Minority Leader in Parliament

The Minority National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Parliament has laughed off an alleged writ of summons secured by the Ghana Police Service for some 20 of their members to appear before an Accra Circuit Court.

According to the Minority, they do not respond to court invitations on social media and indicated they were still waiting to be served.

Minority leader Haruna Iddrisu who addressed the media in Parliament on Monday indicated he only read about the supposed writ on social media and that nobody has served him with anything.

He stressed that the minority members in Parliament are an integral part of the NDC and are law abiding citizens of Ghana.

“Regrettably we don’t respond and will not respond to social media invitations by the Ghana Police Service.

“I have not been personally served as is the requirement of the law and many of my colleagues and therefore I should only be walking to court if there is personal service of that writ of summons”, he stated.

Mr. Haruna Iddrisu accused the police of allowing the service to be used as a tool for manipulation and stressed he is not a coward to be cowed by machinations from any person.

He averred that the Police Service is even confused about the persons they are seeking to subject to public disgrace.

“I have seen names like Dr. Zanetor Rawlings; she didn’t take part in the procession. The Hon Isaac Adongo didn’t take part in the process.

“So somebody somewhere rehearsed enemies that they are targeting for purpose of humiliation, and to project us as if we are not law abiding citizens.

“They should resolve those confusions in their minds and come back properly in accordance with law,” he stated.

According to the minority leader, a more remarkable situation is the fact that “the criminals who declared the results” and denied the NDC of their mandate in Techiman South are walking freely.

“What they did”, he said, is in breach of the law and in breach of process and yet nobody is putting them before court or prosecuting them.

“Nobody is prosecuting those who shot and killed the three persons acknowledged by the EC in Techiman.

“This is criminal killing and yet members of the Parliament presenting harmless petition are being summoned,” he added.

The Minority Leader charged the Police to get some training in basic law because the minority MPs simply embarked on lawful procession and not a demonstration as captured in Article 21 of the 1992 Constitution.

He argued that the NDC did officially notify the Ghana Police that the party will embark on series of actions and stressed that as part of the party they simply participated in that process in a lawful and harmless manner.

SOURCEby Al-Hassan
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