The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) is witnessing another facelift in its pursuit of digitizing the operations of the authority.

Over the years, the NHIA has been receiving several credentialing applications with attached documents manually from Healthcare providers. Consequently, ending February (2020), management of the organization introduced the online application system on its official Web Portal making it possible for Healthcare providers to apply electronically.

Since the introduction, over 1000 applications have been received from providers across the country.  

Director of Quality Assurance (QA) at the NHIA Head Office, Mr. Ismail Osei explained that the paperless regime was introduced to improve data management and electronic communication between the Authority and the Healthcare providers.

According to him, the action taken also sought to reduce paper usage between the NHIA and Healthcare providers.

He stated that there is a decrease in the cost of NHIA’s office supplies and that Healthcare providers have received economic value because they have been spared the risk of traveling to the Head Office to submit their forms or having to mail huge documents.

Mr. Osei emphasized the importance of digitalization and thus encouraged Healthcare providers to take advantage of the paperless regime to streamline their operations, cut costs and save precious time.

Credentialing Web Portal

The HP Web Portal is an online platform that allows Health Providers to submit, track and manage their applications as captured in the NHIA Credentialing Database.

It allows a unique user account to be created for each provider to enable the, submission applications for one or more facilities, progress monitoring of applications, viewing and management of respective credentialing statuses of facilities assigned to the user.

The Web Portal requires the facility to provide, a valid email address that is part of the official tools of the facility management (this will be used to create an account for the entire lifetime of the facility, valid documentation, valid and updated PINS, certificates, browser, internet.


Facilities are to send an email to The requirements include providing Name of facility, Name of applying officer or portal manager, Valid email address for creation of portal account, Copy of HeFRA certificate, Telephone number, Type of Insurance (Is service provision to NHIS clients or to Private Health Insurance clients only and Business registration certificate number.


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