Mrs Jean Mensa, EC Boss

By P. K. Sarpong

When electoral defeat is imminent and this caricatured to you in a way, you go to town singing songs not pleasant to the ear.

Ghanaians have no intentions of giving a clean bill of health to John Mahama’s candidature as the 2020 elections inch closer.

With this realization hitting them hard in the face, they’ve rekindled their oafish, nonsensical and baseless accusations against the EC just to parry blame when they are declared losers in the 2020 elections.

They now allege that the EC is engaging in deliberate efforts to delete names of NDC members from the register in some constituencies.

This is out of the ordinary in that no one was asked to showcase his or her political party during the registration exercise, and neither were people’s political affiliations captured on the voter’s ID card.

In essence, we are being told that Jean Mensa and her charges have some gadgets or magical powers to detect which political parties people belong to and can embark on a deletion spree!

Our NDC friends have nothing better to say than to reincarnate their antagonistic posturing towards the EC with their effusive ebullitions and blatant lies.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place

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