Oboade Notse King Prof. Odaifio Welensti III - Paramount Chief of Nungua Traditional area

The Paramount Chief of Nungua Traditional area Oboade Notse King Prof. Odaifio Welensti III with the concurrence of his accredited elders of Nungua has signed a memorandum of understanding with Prestige Group of Companies Limited to facilitate the harnessing of vast resources of the Stool.

The accredited Elders of Nungua include Numo Borketey Laweh Tsuru(Gborbu Wulomo), Nii Alabi Djenge VI(Nungua Mankralo) Nii Akwei Dan IV(Nungua Akuashongtse) and Nii Arku Efritete Nipanka IV (Nungua Seitse).

Prestige Group of Companies Ltd (PGCL) as a facilitator has undertaken to take charge of warding off encroachers on Nungua Stool lands, collecting ground rent due and accruing to the stool from both central and local government for the compulsory acquisition of its land for development.

The Company will also work to recover all landed property trespassed by individuals, entities and any other identifiable group.

Furthermore, it will ensure that the Stool’s landed properties are safe and free of all unwarranted encroachment and that same is available for the benefit of the Stool only.

Accordingly, the company will implement and recover all levies and dues promulgated by the Traditional Council and shall work hand in hand with the Chief of Staff of Nungua as well as the Elders of the First Party herein as Nungua Stool and any other accredited Elders of the Stool as shall be necessary.

The Facilitator herein as Prestige Group of Companies Ltd has also undertaken to use its own resources including financing, logistics, personnel and counting on its best experience and best practices and where necessary shall solicit the assistance of lawyers or any other professional relating to the problem or issue at hand to ensure that the issue or problem is adequately solved to the best interest of the Stool.

They shall again ensure that there is a judicious use of the resources to ensure that the Stool and its occupants attains rightful status and position as befits it as one of the most endowed and prestigious Stools in Gt. Accra Region.

Prestige Group shall generally take charge of the management of the stool and its palace/ office in order to attain its desired status befitting its position as one of the preeminent Traditional Authorities in Ghana.

SOURCEBy thecustodianghonline.com/Julian Owusu-Abedi
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