By Ahmed Osumanu Halid, Nima 441

Our children are free gifts from Allah to us. Every parent will wish to have them. They are not bought from any market. No, they are given to us by Allah on His own accord. He decides who should benefit from His bounties.

We give them names for identification and recognition.

As parents, we have to work hard and provide all their needs and wants. These include feeding, clothing, medical or their health, education, shelter, guidance and protection.

After providing all these essentials, parents should devote their time and energy by assisting them on their religious beliefs or matters.

We should pray and share the words of Allah with them on regular basis.

We should let them understand the principles of our religions, culture, traditions and what proper human values entail in our space.

The proliferation and growth of digitization has its own dangers when parents allow the children to over appreciate it. There must be control and management on its utilisation as its impact or effects can be a huge liability in our quest to take care of them. (our precious gifts).

We should assist them with their assignments and other tasks either from Madrasat (Islamic school) or secular school. We should do well by purchasing all the necessary educational materials for them.

We should have programs/ periods of conversation with them. We should attentively listen to them.  Their concerns should not be ignored and we should be able to assist them in solving their challenges. No matter the nature, shape or form. 

As parents, we should do well and control our tempers and tongues, the words we use should be measured. We have to avoid the temptation of going haywire when angered by our wards.

Remember, our words are powerful as they can have any effects on them.

Parents should plan their schedules very well by visiting and engaging their schools and teachers on regular basis.

Our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planning should include our families/children ‘s matters. We should not relegate them to the back burner.

Who should be their friends?

Friends are important in relationship. They can be assets or liabilities depending on the type we allow our children to have as their companions. We have every right to know and monitor people our children relate with or to. Parents should fully participate in that endeavour.

Our children are our precious gifts or jewels, we should sacrifice everything to make their lives comfortable and productive.

To persons who are yet to be parents, should not be worried or disappointed at all. God is in control and He is in the business of wonders. He knows when it’s ripe for all to be called parents. His time is the best.

Our children will be our cornerstone in our aged periods.

It is therefore important to spend all energies and resources to build them in the most righteous way.

Parents should do all that they can by sacrificing to their wards until they become productive adults.

Godly and catchy rewards await us both on this earth and the hereafter.

Allah richly bless all parents including the potential ones.

Remember, destination awaits a journey.