The embattled District Chief Executive (DCE) for Saboba, George Kitingyab Bingrine

Some supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Saboba district / constituency are demanding immediate dismissal of the District Chief Executive (DCE) for the area, George Kitingyab Bingrine. 

In a Press release read by former constituency assistant secretary, Mr. Ajuri Kaka, the DCE deliberately refused to campaign for the party and clandenstinely  compaigned for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Candidate, Hon Joseph Bukari Ninkpe.

The NPP Youth

The angry NPP supporters also accused Mr. George Kitingyab Bingrine and the defeated Member of Parliament of forming parallel compaign teams and prosecuted a ‘skirts and blouse’ voting agenda.

They said the DCE allegedly resourced the NDC Parliamentary Candidate and some elected Assembly persons purported to be NDC members.

Some of these assembly Members are the Saboba West Electoral Area, Kucha Electoral Area, Natagu Electoral Area and a host of others to compaign against the President and the Parliamentary Candidate.

They again alleged some ongoing projects were deliberately stalled and contractors abandoned sites. These and many reasons the supporters believed accounted for the reduction in votes the president obtained (15,011) compared to the Parliamentary candidates votes of 15,048.

“We certainly do not expect that a new Parliamentary entrant would be more popular than the president who is a household name in Ghana.The most obvious reason for this outcome could be the DCE campaign against Npp sponsored Candidates” the group said.  

They further call for the following:

  1. That the disciplinary committee as a matter of urgency institute a disciplinary proceeding against the DCE and all others for breaches of our constitution.
  2. A revocation of the appointment of Hon George K. Bingrini as the DCE in accordance with the disciplinary procedure of the party.
  3. Without prejudices to the laid down procedures take consequential actions including forfeiture of membership against the DCE and others.
SOURCETakal David Dana, Contributor
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