The Pastor in charge of the Accra Branch of the City Temple International Ministries (Pastor) David Boafo, has urged Christians to endeavour to exhibit timely kindness to people in their times of need.

According to him, untimely display of assistance or kindness is in itself unkindness.

“If you are in the position to help, just do it. This ‘go – come, go-come’ business, either out of ego or pride does not help, as delayed kindness is unkindness itself!”, he stressed citing Proverbs 3:27-28 to buttress his argument.

Pastor Daniel Boafo made this admonition in a solemn but powerful sermon in the Church’s auditorium at Tantra Hills in Accra last Sunday.

He maintained that displaying kindness does not necessarily lie in giving money, but that such tiny things as greetings, phone calls and complementary words go a long way in the display of kindness.

He indicated that since no one is an island to himself, everybody, no matter his standing will need the assistance and kindness from someone else at a time.

While stressing that kindness is a way of life that must be lived by all, especially Christians, it behoves all Christians to exhibit this virtue as Christ did to the glory of God.

This, he noted could best be exhibited through friendship, communion, fellowship and togetherness.

He opined that doing kindness goes with gladness and joy of the heart, as kindness melts the heart of the stoniest of hearts.

Also, it goes a long way to benefit those who display it in future.

Pastor Boafo stated that kindness, as a virtue should be exhibited with compassion, affection, assistance as its meaning implies.

According to him, the exhibitor of kindness should have the awareness and willingness of the virtue to enable him exhibit it properly.

Elements of kindness

Pastor Boafo pointed out that the best way to be able to offer kindness was the ability to be aware of one’s problems and also the willingness to offer kindness.

He indicated that since no one could detect anyone’s problems from their face, it was necessary to talk to them, ask them questions to enable one become aware of their real problems.

Also, if the ability to help was there, it should be willingly offered and timeously since eleventh-hour assistance is nothing but foolishness.

Pastor Boafo stated further that after the detection of one’s problems and the one who detected it is not in the position to assist, he could lead the beneficiary to another person who is capable of assisting and not blocking his way.

This, he termed, “Actionable help in times of need of others”. To this, he cited Matthew 15:32 – 34. Also, Pastor Boafo cited other quotations in this respect; Galatians 5:22, Colossians 3:12 and Ephesians 4:32.

He pointed out that one could do this only when he has the spirit of Christ in him, since, when we show kindness, we show Christ.

Pastor Boafo was however quick to point out that since one could not help build his life on others via kindness and assistance, they should also do well to live lives worthy of living and devoid of assistance.

City Temple International Ministries (CTIM)

CTIM is headed by Dr. Rev Hon Sampson Kwaku Boafo, former Member of Parliament for Subin in the Ashanti Region and former Regional Minister for the Region during President John Agyekum Kufuor’s administration.

Kwaku Boafo is also is a Legal practitioner, having practiced for a long time with his Chambers currently located at Dzorwulu in Accra.

CTIM also has branches in London, Kumasi, Konongo and Barekese, with Rev. Boafo as Leader, Founder and General Overseer.

All branches have teaming congregation as activities in the church do not only speak for themselves, but also call congregants.

COVID–19 Protocols

The church also adheres strictly to protocols on COVID-19 protocols – Hand washing and Hand Sanitizing, use of temperature guns, wearing of face masks and social distancing right in the church room.

SOURCEBy O. Ankamah
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