The National Democratic Party (NDP) has urged true believers and loyalists of Rawlings to vote for Mrs. Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, wife of the late President Rawlings and flagbearer of the party in the 2020 Presidential elections.

Alhaji Frimpong, the General secretary of the NDP argued that Mrs. Konadu Agyeman Rawlings is the best candidate who embodies and represents the true ideals of JJ Rawlings.

He said, “…If there was ever anyone who embodies Jerry John Rawlings’ essence in his absence, it is none other than Mrs. Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings.”

Outlining reasons why supporters of JJ Rawlings should back Nana Konadu  at a press conference on 23rd November, 2020, he stated that as a wife and mother of his children, she stood by him even in the darkest moments of May 1979 when President Rawlings came close to being executed.
“She was with him throughout the events of the June 4th 1979 uprising. She stood by him through the 31st December 1981 revolution, which culminated in the birth of the PNDC. And she was also right at the very centre of the founding of the NDC,” he retorted.

It is worth noting that JJ in an interview with Kwaku Sakyi Addo on Asaase Radio on 12th July, 2020, stated that he voted for his wife Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings in the 2016 Presidential Election indicating his wish for his supporters to vote for his wife in the 2020 general elections.

The general secretary of the NDP also cautioned the NDC against attempts to capitalize on the death of President Rawlings to score political points.

He said, “When he was alive, he chose not to be a part of John Mahama’s 2020 campaign and it would be disingenuous to seek to make him a part of the campaign now that he is gone.”

“So, ladies and gentlemen, the 2020 elections are due in a matter of weeks. But JJ is gone. However, ask yourself as a cadre or as a comrade: ask yourself as you mourn his passing; ask yourself as someone who shared the pain that Mahama and his supporters inflicted on JJ when he was alive; ask yourself as someone who believes in what JJ stood for: would JJ want you to vote for a candidate that he thought was not fit to lead the party that he JJ founded,” Mr. Frimpong queried?