The National Democratic Party (NDP) has launched a scathing attack on the NDC over their alleged attempts to take advantage of the death of ex-President Rawlings to score political points ahead of the December 7 general elections.

The General Secretary of the party, during a press conference organised at the Alisa hotel on 23rd November, 2020, stated, “If John Mahama managed to profit from the death of President Mills, he should not be allowed to do same with the demise of our beloved President Rawlings and Ghanaians should not and will not oblige him that.”

“We want to serve notice, that the NDP will make it a point to expose those who are making feverish attempts to rewrite their despicable opinions about President Rawlings and readjust their abhorrence for the man after all the sacrifices he made for them. And now, upon his demise, they are seeking the limelight for more personal political gain! How dare they,” he said.