Ghana's Second Lady Mrs Samira Bawumia

Second Lady Samira Bawumia has made a passionate appeal to New Patriotic Party (NPP) women in the Ashanti Region not to rest on their laurels until the ‘Four more for Nana’ campaign achieves its target.

According to her, most of the work to retain the NPP government in power rests with the women wing of the party in view of the fact that 51% of the registered voters in the region have been identified as women.

She charged the various women organizers of the party to therefore work in the interest of the NPP and be reminded there is more to the positions and titles that they bear.

Addressing NPP women’s wing and party supporters in the Ashanti Region recently, Samira Bawumia urged the women organizers to concentrate on increasing the votes of the party in the Ashanti Region especially.

She noted that the 44 parliamentary seats declared safe for the NPP in the region is not enough and stressed the ruling party should sweep all the seats.

She said, “We need massive turn out on the election day so we can claim all the seats. Since there are more women on the register, it means if we come out in our numbers victory shall surely be ours.”

“We all know that if Ashanti wins then the NPP will win. We must therefore work to ensure Nana Akufo-Addo wins the election.

Mrs. Bawumia promised to return to the region to join the campaign but indicated she would want to know how many people the women organizers have been able to convince to join the NPP.

“I would want to know how many people you have brought to join the campaign and how many people you have convinced to come out and vote for the NPP on Election Day.”

“We will help Ghana to reclaim her status again and ensure nobody destroys this country and its economy anymore,” she assured.

The Second Lady stressed it is imperative to retain Akufo-Addo in power because of past experiences that have retrogressed Ghana’s development.

According to her, in 2008 President John Kufuor left a very buoyant and strong economy that banks were chasing people and offering them loans to start and expand their businesses.

The exchange rate, she said was one cedi to a dollar at the time but then the National Democratic Congress (NDC) took over and subjected Ghanaians to a dumsor economy.

Ghanaians, she said, suffered the entire time the NDC was in power until God blessed them by bringing the NPP government under the leadership of President Akufo-Addo to power.

She said, “We will not make that mistake again and we will not go back again. We are going forward forever because of the future of Ghana.”

She noted that when NDC flagbearer John Mahama became President he handed over Ghana’s bauxite resources to his own brother but stressed President Akufo-Addo has promised to use the nation’s wealth to take care of the country and her people adding, “He will not give Ghana’s resources to one person or to his brother. If we don’t want this, what else do we want?”

Mrs. Bawumia stated that the 2020 election is not about individuals but about the nation Ghana and its future and the future of its children.

She averred that President Akufo-Addo and Vice-President Akufo-Addo have worked hard and satisfactorily for the country and therefore need to be given another term to continue.

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