Stacey Osekere’s description of her 6-year marriage journey with rapper Edem has stoked conversation on social media with followers labelling her risqué post as ‘wicked’ and ‘wild’.

Arguably, it’s quite rare for couples to share bedroom moments publicly and in instances they do, the diction is coded to the extent that one would have to decipher what is being communicated.

Stacey will not conform to that; she’d rather arouse the curiosity of tweeps as she penetrates their minds with a naked description of how Edem has made her happy in bed for the past 6 years – or even more as being suggested by commentators considering the fact that she was his longtime girlfriend.

On the occasion of their 6th anniversary, Stacey shared on Twitter a short video clip which captured her lovey-doveying with her husband and the caption was raw!

While hailing Edem for possessing a magic rod that heals and leaves goosebumps all over, she described him as her favorite cucumber.

An elated Edem acknowledging receipt of the accolades said: “Madam you are not correct.”