Weeks after completing an impressive five-day singing marathon, Afua Owusu Asantewaa Aduonum has revealed that she has paid $750 to fast-track the verification process of her Guinness World Record attempt.

She explained that her team opted for a priority review to by bypass the standard review time and that came at a cost $750. 

The standard waiting period for Guinness World Record results is around 12 weeks, but Asantewaa and her team chose to expedite the process for quicker results. 

By opting for a priority review, the approval time was reduced to just five business day s.

In an interview with JoyNews, Afua Asantewaa disclosed, “Right after the attempt, they requested for our files. We were putting everything together, and because of the popularity of the event, they reached out that they are waiting for the videos, so we have submitted everything.”

“If you want it quick, you pay an amount of money, and they review your files within five working days. Officially it’s $650, but when you’re going to pay into the account, you have to pay some transaction fees. Totally we did about $750 for the priority,” she explained.

Afua Asantewaa took on the challenge in 2023 to surpass the existing singing record of 105 hours set in 2012. (Afua Asantewaa submits sing-a-thon evidence to Guinness Book of Records)

Her singing marathon began at midnight on Sunday, December 24, 2023, and concluded at 7:00 am on December 29, 2023. At the end of her remarkable attempt, Asantewaa had sung continuously for five days, six hours, and 55 minutes.