President Nana Addo Dankwa Akfuo-Addo has expressed disgust at the circulation of videos alleged to be members of the security agencies brutalizing citizens.

Unpatriotic persons, he said, have been using these videos, mostly of foreign origins and presenting them as though they were new incidents by Ghanaian security personnel, and which have occurred during the course of this past week.

“It is sad, it is unfortunate, and it must end. We should all be in this fight together.”“There is nothing to be gained with widespread fabrication and distribution of such videos, whose sole aim is to create discontent, and undermine the trust of the population in the men and women of our security services,” he stated.

The President, who addressed the nation on Sunday to provide updates on the implementation of enhanced measures against the spread of Coronavirus pandemic, warned the originators of these anti-social acts will be pursued.

“Reports I have received so far indicate that the police, military and other members of our security services have discharged their mandate with considerable professionalism.”
“Furthermore, working with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, we see personnel of the Ghana Armed Forces involved in the clean-up of our drainage systems and of our markets,” he said.

The President stressed that what the government is doing is intended to achieve some key objectives including limiting and stopping the importation of the virus and containing its spread.
He pointed out that the very few instances where some security personnel have employed the use of excessive force against the citizenry should therefore not be used to judge the effort of the services.

The Inspector-General of Police, and the Chief of Defence Staff of the Armed Forces, he said have taken steps to investigate such incidents.

“They have given me assurance that those found culpable will be duly sanctioned.”

“Thus far, the alleged wrongdoers have been withdrawn from the ongoing exercise and to enhance command and control, more senior officers have been deployed at the operational level,” he added.

He indicated that each member of the security services participating in the exercise has been handed an aide-mémoire highlighting the guidelines for the operation.

No new confirmed case of the coronavirus has been recorded after the last update on April 5, 2020.

Therefore the total confirmed cases of the COVID-19 remain 214 cases with five deaths. 
The regions that have reported cases are Greater Accra Region with 189, followed by the Ashanti Region with 12, Northern Region 10, Upper West Region 1, Eastern Region 1 and Upper East Region 1.