The northern region contestant in the ongoing  Miss Ghana beauty pageant has trained 35 deprived women at Tibung in the Kumbungu district as part of her outreach programme in the region. 

The capacity training according to Miss Tung-Teiya Dahamani, was aimed at improving the livelihood of the women and economically empowering them to support their families and the community.

The Beauty Pageant and her team demonstrated the procedures involved in making the liquid soap with the relevant household materials required for the process. 

The exercise was engineered to also boost healthy life among the people.

However, she also urged the community to adhere to the Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) agenda in order to stay safe and healthy. 

Several of the women tried the soap by washing their hands with it and samples shared among elders in the village.

The lady after successfully empowering the underprivileged community hinted she will be visiting the area subsequently to develop the skills of the people in making bar soap.

Global Environmental Day

The United Nations marks global Environmental Day today and as a result, the Miss Ghana participant planted trees along the Kanvili Tuunayili major road and other parts in the Tamale metropolis. 

The theme for this year’s celebration is: ““Biodiversity, a concern that is both urgent and existential.”

She also embarked on a sensitization campaign to educate the public in the area on the need to promote tree planting in this era of global warming.

“And I would like for this reason to educate people on the need to have more trees and by doing so I would like to do it practically by involving different people in my community” the beauty pageant espoused.

She added, “As we all know the statement that says when the last tree dies, the last man dies; and also you as good as the gadget or equipment to use, so just imagine yourself being in every peaceful, beautiful and nice environment so much with trees, of course you will have so much oxygen to breath and your life will be better than what you’re experiencing now.”

Miss Tung-Teiya condemned the unnecessary felling of trees and urged the public to always enhance afforestation.