The fight for Ghana’s political independence and democracy has been tortuous, starting from the period the country began fierce battles to extricate itself from the shackles of its colonial masters.

People shed blood and sacrificed their lives in fighting various despotic military juntas in the country for years to entrench democracy after we gained political independence.

The country has therefore come very far in establishing the current democratic dispensation in which governments are changed through the ballot box.

We cannot therefore allow any lunatic fringe or gangsters to foolishly obliterate the toil and sacrifices of selfless Ghanaians with their parochial political interests.

A politically contrived group led by the Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah recently vowed to disrupt a democratic process in this country.

Bernard and his ilk threatened to even shed blood to prevent the Electoral Commission (EC) from compiling a new voters’ register for the 2020 general election and beyond.

A surrogated chairman and a political merchant who is more interested in pursuing the interest of a political party than his own party he pretends to chair, should ordinarily not be seriously considered in any saner society.

However, it should be a source of worry if the activities and threats of such a person and his group have the potential of endangering the lives of innocent and law-abiding citizens.

We do not care if people who do not value their own lives, willingly decide not to be part of this earth.

They can choose to end their existence and go to hell. We do not care.

What many of us in this sane country will not allow is for them to derail our democratic process with their unscrupulous tirades and activities.

Ghana is a democratic country governed by laws that serve as social control and the principled manner in which we should all live.

The decent path to take in this and any other democracy is to use the law when one is in disagreement with an action taken by an institution created by the constitution, which is the supreme law of the land.

The Electoral Commission is mandated by the constitution to compile the register at any time it finds fit and within the dictates of the law.

If anybody including Bernard Mornah and his ilk believe the country’s election management body is acting outside the confines of the law, they know what to do.

We should not allow such people to take the nation to ransom because their supposed interests have not been served.

Accordingly, we entreat the security agencies to deal ruthlessly with all hoodlums who think their interests should be the interests of the majority.