As we congratulate all the winners for last Saturday’s primaries of our great party, we also commend the losers for graciously accepting defeats.

Personally, I see the party as a victor. The elections are over. All hands must be on deck to prosecute the December 2020 elections.

We should ensure the total victory for our industrious and over performing President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo (NADAA) and increase our seats in Parliament, so he can pilot and push his human centred programmes and bills.

The party once again has demonstrated its democratic credentials to all. Our opponents were disappointed as they prayed to see or hear negative stories, but alas, they have failed in Toto.

They rather saw or heard the opposite. Preparing their propaganda effusions with the covet support of some baseless civil society organisations whose trademark is to speak ill of our party and government. They have thrown objective criticisms to the dogs. They are the masters of any matter on the table. Sorry.

I urge all to put the past behind so we give the President and our candidates another four years to do more.

Unnecessary bickering, castigations, jealousy and other unproductive acts should be thrown into the dustbin.

We have malicious and destructive opponents, who are super hungry for power only to come and steal, destroy and fleece our resources. We should not give them any iota of opportunity. We should be firm and actively participate in any democratic exercise that will protect the integrity of our Constitution, that is the 1992 Constitution.

Our party is a family. Everyone must or should play a role in its growth and success. We should abandon the lamentations and look into the future for other blessings.

The future looks bright with our party manning the affairs of our only country.

My only concern, which I shall officially write to the party in the near future is that, when a candidate wins a non-winnable seat for the first time, I think, morally, he or she should be ‘protected ‘by allowing him or her to go for the second term uncontested. For instance, the New Patriotic Party is still in a limbo in Ayawaso East, the party is yet to win that seat in the Ayawaso enclave since the inception of the 4th republic, I see our candidate working very assiduously to grab the seat for the first time. I am very optimistic that it will happen, In Sha Allah. Will it be fair for the candidate to be contested in his second bid after he secures the seat for the party for the first time? The candidate’s third bid can be contested by qualified party persons. We should culturally define our Democracy to fit our circumstances.

Research has proven that when candidates are changed after a term in Parliament, it affects the party and the party on most occasions lose the seat. That is the non-winnable ones.

Democracy does not always mean election. Consensus building itself is a form or a principle of Democracy.

We should seriously take note when it comes to holding elections in the difficult seats, especially where the party wins for the first time.

Once again, I wish our party well as we begin the march to another decisive victory come December, In Sha Allah