By Ahmed Osumanu Halid

We are humans. We are Africans. We have our culture which includes our religion, food, marriage, naming our new born children, ways of resolving our disputes, agriculture, Chieftaincy, our system of governance etc.

We used to live peacefully with ourselves. Our extended family was accepted by all and unique. We helped each other. Fathers, mothers, uncles, aunties, grandparents, cousins, nieces, nephews among others were happily living together assisting on the farms and other chores. Discrimination was not known. Fairness was the trait.

When disputes occurred, we had a perfect way of resolving them. Our chiefs and their elders would meet the disputants in their palaces. They would invite the parties and listen to their submissions.

The chief would allow the elders to also make some interventions, then finally the chief would pronounce the judgement.

The losing party would apologise to the winning party. They embraced themselves and moved on.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution method of Mediation was the tool used to resolve disputes.

The system of adjudication was not adversarial. It kept the bond together.

Today, the western system of resolving disputes is by litigation. Where parties decide to go to the court for resolution. They hire lawyers to handle their matters for them. The world knows everything of the matter or issue. No privacy. Confidentiality is missing. The cost of the litigation, the procrastination and as stated, the adversarial nature of it.

Litigation leaves tension between the parties. Forgiveness is shrewd.

On marriage, our culture, tradition and our precious religions clearly teach us that a man marries a woman.

He goes through the process of consummation of the marriage.

Our religion and culture do not allow the imposition of the west, where a man can marry his fellow man likewise a woman can do same. A complete abominable act.

I urge all Africans and rational beings to disown this system of marriage. It should not have a place in our decent religion and cultural practices.

The Almighty Allah detests it and the punishment is severe.

In the areas of agriculture, land tenure system, education, business, governance and all, the west is succeeding to disrupt and change our ways of doing them.

Both our leaders and followers should resist this temptation. We should not accept their wicked and malicious proposals.

Parents, teachers, traditional leaders, religious and political leaders and all should be firm and protect our heritage, culture and tradition.