Chairman Inusah Amadu aka Dagomba Boy aspiring to become NPP Northern Regional Chairman

Alhaji Inusah Amadu popularly known as Dagomba Boy has extended a helping hand to traditional rulers and Islamic Scholars in the northern region ahead of the 2021 Eidul-Adha celebration. 

In line with the Islamic tradition, well to do practicing Muslims across the world are required to sacrifice an animal, i.e, a sheep, cow, goat, buffalo or camel in obedience of a command from Allah to reflect Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son, Ismail, after Allah (God) instructed him to in a dream.  

In this regard, the New Patriotic Party stalwart found it needful to donate a Ram each, bags of rice and an undisclosed cash amount to the Chiefs and Religious leaders in the region to help in their preparation for the Islamic ritual. 

The most prominent amongst the beneficiaries are; Tolon Naa, Diyeli Lana, Yoo Naa, Nanton Naa and Sheikh Abdul Mumin Dalhu, a traditional ruler and leader of the Shia Muslim group among others. 

Mr. Shei Zakaria, the Personal Assistant of Alhaji Dagomba Boy in an interview explained the gesture is a personal intervention of the aspiring Northern Regional Chairman of the governing NPP. 

He said the Chiefs and Islamic Clerics play very significant roles in diverse ways for the peace and stability in the region and therefore it is incumbent for him (Dagomba Boy) to reflect on the customs and tradition of Dagbon as to how political leaders should relate with these stakeholders.

“Even though some of these chiefs and opinion leaders do not do partisan politics, but, they’re part of the region, and once they’re part of the region, they need to feel!                                                                                                                              Politics is about how to convince somebody to come to your side even when that person is not in the NPP but if the person sees the quality leadership in the party can convince the individual to join the political party. So therefore, he wants to demonstrate that if he gets the mantle to lead the New Patriotic Party in the region, he will adequately handle the affairs of the traditional authorities so as to amass votes for the party during an election”

He stated the economic situation saddled by the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak makes the donation more important for some of these leaders to prepare ahead of the Islamic ritual.

“So ahead of time he has decided to donate these items to each one of them so that, they would be able to perform the sacrifice in peace. This is also to demonstrate to the region how he would handle the affairs of the area when he is given the opportunity” he said.