Ms Sarah Adwoa Safo, absentee Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection

A former Chief of Staff in the Kufuor administration, Kwadwo Mpiani has called on President Nana Akufo-Addo to sack embattled Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Ms Sarah Adwoa Safo, for refusing to be in Ghana to work for government and the state.

Ms. Adwoa Safo who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) has been cooling-off in the United States of America since Parliament resumed sittings this year.

The absence of the MP is said to be seriously affecting the Majority side and its ability to do government business in the House, particularly passing of the Electronic Transaction Levy (E-levy), which is currently before Parliament.

As some want disciplinary measures to be taken against her immediately, others want government to consider options, including expelling her from the Party.

Speaking in an interview with JoyNews on Wednesday, Mr Mpiani asked President Akufo-Addo to relieve Gender Minister of her post as the if she does not resign.

“You were appointed by the President, I have given you a job to do; so, if you are not doing the job, what should I do as a President? You either resign from the job, or I sack you. I don’t see the real problem there…begging a minister to work; it never happens anywhere.

“I’ve given you a job to do as a Minister, you didn’t come to me, or anybody asked me to appoint you. Maybe I saw something good in you, so I appointed you to be a Minister of State. You’re not going to work, and you want me to come and beg you to work? It shouldn’t happen that way; that should never happen,” the former Chief of Staff added.

Consensus building

Meanwhile, Mr Mpiani has urged the President to lead the charge for consensus building with the Minority Caucus to ensure smooth implementation of government business.

“We should be looking at a better way, the best way of resolving such issues [in Parliament]. We shouldn’t go to Parliament and be fighting there; we won’t agree, we agree. I think that’s not the way to go now.

 “The way to go is that leadership should now consult; leadership should convince, leadership should accept consensus so that for the next three years, the country can move on.”

When asked about who should lead this charge, Mr Mpiani replied, “the leadership, the President, and the leadership of the House. This is the way I believe we should go.”

Sarah Adwoa Safo served as Deputy Majority Leader between 2017 and 2021 but was replaced by Alexander Afenyo-Markin when the NPP retained its majority in Parliament by a slender margin supported by an independent MP.

There are rumours she wants to be reinstated as the Deputy Majority Leader, claims Afenyo-Markin said he was unaware of.

Speaking on PM Express on Wednesday, the Effutu MP said he had not heard that Adwoa Safo wanted his job.