National Democratic Congress (NDC) Suhum constituency is in turmoil after the vetting process was marred by unexpected suspension letter from National headquarters.

Supporters of NDC who spoke to deduced that the letter suspending the vetting was influenced and written by Peter Boamah Otukunor, Deputy General Secretary, because he wanted to protect the interest of his Sister In-law, Amanda Okyere.

Amanda Okyere who was Suhum’s NDC parliamentary candidate (PC) in 2020 election is a sister to Otukunor’s second wife he married after the death of his first wife.

Amanda Okyere, NDC Suhum PC for 2020 & Sister in-law to Otukunor

The former NDC PC wants to stage a come back for 2024 but can only do so if people she supports win various constituency positions and therefore, the machinations to kick out some aspirants.

One position that Amanda has interest in, is Women’s organizer position.
She is said to be using Otukunor to disqualify Lydia Ohenewaa so that her preferred candidate, Concilla Kenu will go unopposed.

Lydia Ohenewaa, NDC women’s organizer aspirant

After supporters of Lydia picked signals that the Vetting committee wanted to disqualify Lydia through the influence of Otukunor and his Sister in -law, Amanda Okyere, theey began to agitate.

Concilla Kenu, NDC Suhum women’s organizer

In order to cover up the collusion of Otukunor and his Sister- in-law, the suspension letter ridiculously added the position of Youth organizer that its contestants have been vetted and balloted already.

The vetting panel is made up of
Lawyer Twum Berima Tom Budu (National rep)
Alhaji Sumaila (regional rep)
Richard Lartey (regional rep),
Ankuvi (formal constituency chairman).
The affected constants have to appear before the Vetting panel on 13 October at NDC head office Accra.